Bank of Baroda Next Has Miles to go!

Can any one please tell Bank of Baroda that we have been using the Metric System of measurement forever now! We work on kilometers and not miles. If a bank can change to the Standard System (followed by the US) for just an advertisement, language changes would be the least of our worries!

“Gone are the days restricting your transactions to one branch only. New age banking should translate to anytime, anywhere banking.” This has been done by HDFC and ICICI years back… were you guys sleeping?

“Because what good is Baroda Next, if your banking needs cannot be fulfilled anywhere and anytime?” Why would they advertise with a negative statement? Seems like they are doubting themselves.

Fire the advertising company who made this copy… or the next time run your ad. copy by me first 😉

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One Response to “Bank of Baroda Next Has Miles to go!”

  1. yes u r right…ICICI and HDFC are technically more sound. Yet people r now running towards the public sector banks for safe banking. And to be honest this does not need to be advertised coz people are aware of ethical banking system. This is what matters more than ‘km/miles’ being used in an advertisement.