Aren’t We All Beggars?

All of us on our daily commute have come across beggars at intersections and crossings. What do we do? Give them money when they come near us or shoo them away by cursing them. I have seen many children beg on the streets and it hurts to see them in such a state, is it karma? What have they done to deserve this, I often ask myself!

Coming back to the title of my article “Aren’t we all beggars?” Everyone of us at one point of time have begged for something, begged in front of our parents, our children and almost every day in front of God. We beg to ask for money, wealth, power, health and everything else under the sun… so what is the difference between us and the beggars on the street? Just good cloths and clean appearances?

If history has taught us anything it is that fortunes can change with a blink of an eye. Instead of cribbin day in day out for things which we want, we should be thankful for everything which we have. If we treat everyone as equal and with respect this world can truly be a heaven on earth. Next time you see someone begging, feel happy that you are in a better place and send out a prayer those who are not.

3 Responses to “Aren’t We All Beggars?”

  1. Nice One…

  2. Thanks Puneet.

  3. This is an ego conflict of state of minds. let us not waste energy in conflicts. How best can we put to use human resources of our country in our way in a productive manner should be the National thought in lieu loosing sight of being got branded as SLUMDOG and rejoicing & making money by intelligentia of India.We are compromising values with money power.e.g. somebody gifts you a gold made SHOE on your winning a battle,how would you react would differ genes you carried in your blood.Maharana Pratap and abhimannyu of maha bharat were not diplomatic and were wnwise in terms of current National Thought??Don’t you agree sir??We should proud to feel to reverse the history.