Why are You Killing Our Future?

This is my appeal to the Ministry of Education to stop being the reason why the children are committing suicide these days. Yes! I blame the education system and let me tell you the reasons why.

1. Why do children have to take tuitions starting class 5?
2. Why does the education system make us read and learn everything which we possibly don’t even require these days?
3. Why does the syllabus has to be so comprehensive that students are stressed from the start?

Stressed Out Students Commit Suicide During Board Exams in IndiaThese are just some of the reason why I think our education system sucks big time. Every time when boards are near, I hear about government trying to put up counseling numbers across to the students in case they feel stressed out. Isn’t this like taking a medicine after you get sick… what happened to “Prevention is better than Cure.” If the burden of studies is so much on the children then I think it is time to change the education system all together. Would there be a need for counseling centers if students did not feel stressed out in the first place?

What makes if even worse is that when you get done with High School, college is like a party for everyone. Shouldn’t it be the opposite? College should be fun but that is where you actually set a direction for your life and career ahead. Instead college becomes a party zone, and it’s like a 3 year freedom for everyone who had to suffer the 12th board exams.

The education ministry has to understand that the time have changed. Children have more options now then just becoming a Doctor or an Engineer. How about graphic artist? A professional drummer? A basketball player?

These days, pretty much what we do is follow the west, then why can’t we look at their education system and learn something from it?

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