Get Ready to Stock Up on Those Medicines

After the malls in Gurgaon, its time for all the chemists in Gurgaon to shut shop on Tuesdays. Even the chemists in hospitals are not spared. The labour department had notified the Harayana government to make it mandatory for all shops and malls and even chemist shops to be closed on Tuesdays.

Why! You may ask? Read the excerpt below which is taken from HT.

Manorama Rana, deputy labour commissioner: Gurgaon region, said, “Most of the medicine stores also sell cosmetic articles like talcum powder and combs and therefore fall in the category of departmental stores. Hence they do not deserve any exemption and cannot be allowed to stay open all seven days.”

How stupid can the government be? Just because chemists sell cosmetic does not mean that they are departmental store, what will happen to people when they need a medicine in an emergency? Does safety of a human life hold no value?

What was the deputy labour commissioner, Manorama Rana thinking when she made the above comment? I think she has already stocked up on all her cosmetics and talcum powder medicine supplies for the year. 🙂

2 Responses to “Get Ready to Stock Up on Those Medicines”

  1. Update: Labour department has issued an order that pharmacies, eateries, salons and other essential services can remain open all 7 days of the week.