I Find it Quite Ironic

CM Sheila Dikshit went to the Commonwealth games village to take a look at the lack of security measures, all the while she was wearing the safety helmet the wrong way. This is how they set safety standards for others to follow, no wonder so many laborers are killed on the construction sites.

Excerpt taken from HT epaper

A Day after a construction worker was killed when a crane malfunctioned at the under-construction Commonwealth Games Village Delhi, the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has initiated an inquiry into the incident.

DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar said the chief engineer of the project has been asked to submit a report on the mishap and also on allegations of officials flouting safety measures.

Dhar added a case has been registered against Ahluwalia Contracts India Limited, the civil contractors of the project.

“We are not taking the incident lightly We are taking all possible . legal action against the contractor. A penalty is being levied on the contractor and an inquiry has also been initiated,” said Dhar.

4 Responses to “I Find it Quite Ironic”

  1. It is very difficult to say this from the picture (at least for Sheila Dixit). How can you be so sure?

  2. Notice the tilt of her safety helmet towards the front and left, this would not be the case if she had fastened the buckle under her chin. The guy on the right has fastened the buckle at the back which is also the wrong way to wear the safety gear.

  3. I don’t know if the print quality of the paper version you saw was any better, but I still think it is difficult to say if the thing you see on the back side is a chin restraint or just a loose back-tightening belt (see http://www.usinenouvelle.com/industry/img/abs-safety-helmet-000049977-4.jpg for example). Women have always had problems wearing safety helmets because the right way to do it is having the hairs inside it, which often leads to unstable helmets. Again, what you say might be true, but the image quality is just not good enough to convince me.

  4. I see your point, and i did some research and it varies on what type of helmet is being used…here since the buckle is so long at the back it has to be this one where as the one you pointed out has a very short buckle and cannot go full length at the back of the head like the guy on the right. Hence i feel that since this was a long buckle helmet which has to be fastened at the chin, the CM was merely wearing it as a formality and not for safety.