A Village Called Vasant Kunj

About 2 years back i wrote an article of how Vasant Kunj was a dump of garbage… looks like much as nothing much since then.

Excerpt taken from HT epaper

Residents of the posh Vasant Kunj area in south Delhi have stopped drawing water from taps. The reason: Cow dung from a local dairy is flowing out of these taps.

The air is thick with the stench of cow dung and sewage at pockets where the problem is acute. Black, viscous muck has filled up all water tanks over the past four days.

Residents have given baths a slip. They are cooking with bottled water and using the bare minimum (from private tankers) for their basic needs.

“We will sue the government for damages. Our tanks are filled with dung and our pipe- lines are as good as gone,” said Naresh Sharma, an RWA member of Pocket C-1.

“Private tankers are of no use…. There is only so much water you can store in buckets,” said housewife Savita Kumar.

Residents said a clogged drain at Masoodpur dairy behind their colony was the culprit. “The drain got clogged, and started overflowing to the parallel main water line,” said Manoj Gautam, a resident. HT visited the site on Wednesday to find areas around the drain, including ground-floors of houses immersed in muck.

One Response to “A Village Called Vasant Kunj”

  1. I can’t believe this, what is municipalty doing and how are the residents managing through all this. What happened to congress campaign of Clean and Progressing delhi. There must be thousands of NGO’s working in delhi for thousands reason does this not comes under anyone’s purview.