Vasant Kunj is a Dump

If you happen to live in Vasant Kunj or are a frequent visitor to this Delhi’s upscale locality you will know what i am talking about. Lately the roads have become a dump and it’s not just garbage but also all the digging which has been going on. The road which starts from the Vasant Kunj Plaza to just ahead of G.D Goenka School has been dug up for over a year and has become a mess of garbage and rubble, not to forget that it turns into a puddle when it rains. Not just a pain in the you know what 😉 while driving but also a health hazard.

Garbage on the road, Vasant Kunj
(Click the pic to enlarge, give it 30 sec to open)

This photograph was taken in the morning in front of B-9 Vasant Kunj Market, where Nirulas is. You can clearly see 2 dumpsters in the pic but you can’t see the other 2 which were on the right side. Clearly such dump should not be anywhere near where food is served, but i guess the authorities don’t care.

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