Uphaar Tragedy: A Fire From Hell

Uphar Cinema Tragedy : Cut out from Hindustan TimesAlthough i did not loose anyone near & dear in this tragedy, yet i feel a deep pain whenever i hear about the people who lost they loved ones and now, even after 10 years down the line they are still waiting for justice.

This pain is more from anger & frustration knowing how helpless we are as common people to fight men with money power. 10 years and still no justice, how on earth does it take such a clear cut case 10 years for closure? Why is the law helpless when it come to punishing the guilty who happen to be rich? Is the law different for rich and poor people?

Believe it or not… the fact is that some things can be bent and other things can be broken. Indian Judiciary is no exception to this, in fact it can be both bent and broken at the same time… all it requires is some muscle called money. People who say that Judges are not corrupt are living in a fools paradise. Our law system is like a whore which is used by pimps aka lawyers to manipulate verdicts.

Why can’t are judiciary punish the guilty in such a way that it sets an example to everyone that money is not above the law? Why is it so hard to digest that human life is of much more value then you can simply put in numbers? Why is that every time someone wealthy is involved in such a incidence they always have their ways around the system?

100’s of page in the Indian Penal Code and not one called justice…and that’s the bottom line 🙁

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