Tata Nano, Neighbors Envy Owners Pride

Looks like the Nano has woken up the sleeping beauty (Maruti). After the mega launch of Tata Nano, today Maruti has given a full page advertisement of Alto on the first page of Hindustan Time. Though currently Alto is much above the price tag of Rs. 1 Lakh but with Tata increasing the price of the Nano in the months to come together with the AC model, the price of both will be quite competitive.

Alto is a tried and tested car and Nano is fresh of the boat. Freshness is the only quality which will give Nano an advantage (right now). Once the review are out about it driving and safety standards, Nano can very well take on the lead which Alto currently enjoys.

The problem with Alto is that it has been the same for years now, there has not been any major make over for the car and people get bored with the same old thing, especially in today’s competitive market when international car makers launch entirely new models every year (Toyota and Honda)

It’s still some time to go before we get to see Nano on the road and gauge its performance till then Maruti has time on their hands to revamp Alto, which I am pretty sure they will.

One Response to “Tata Nano, Neighbors Envy Owners Pride”

  1. Let us first cogratulate TATA for launching two wheeler replacement for Indians who aspires to accquire a four wheeler as a dream of their lifetime.This is a fantasies for other class who already goes on long drive. Let us hope it will work on the footings of HAMRA BAJAJ, a champion of two wheeler co. for middle class which had fulfilled the ambitions of ours , So Nano should be Cheap,economical and maintainence free.The cost of nano need to be freezed by TATA without compromising to its quality and durability which is more impotant for middle class two wheeler owner.Tata should not waste money on developing modles/varities for nano class of CAR for handful crazy people.Sturdy,fuelwise economical,Cost economical as promised without excuses,quality wise longlasting factors need to be taken care of,if at all R&D is required by co.