The English are Back to Conquer India!

This Elections looks more like a war and I can clearly see the Divide and Rule policy once masterminded by the British being perfected by the Indian politicians.

Though I am the last person to comment on politics, mainly because I can’t keep up with party hopping uneducated corrupt politicians who have time and again proved that they are a plague to the society… unfortunately we still do not have any cure for this disease and prevention does not work either.

To gain maximum mileage, vertan politicians have been using the internet for publicity and newcomers like Varun Gandhi take the easy way with Hate speeches… why is it the easy way? Well… simply put hate speeches have a viral marketing affect, within hours of delivering the speech, Varun rose to stratum… from little known No Body, he is now the most talked about “to be” politician.

The unfortunate part is that BJP is giving out the message that the hate speech was not a big deal… apparently biggies in the party (Mr. Modi) have been using it effectively for many years. The Election Commission as usual asked for a explanation and we haven’t heard from then since.

We need young blood in the political scenario to take India to the next level, but if that blood is of people who use hate to influence masses, I would not even want it to be donated to save anyone’s life.

3 Responses to “The English are Back to Conquer India!”

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  2. Sure, And Congress simply implements divisive politics. MM Singh, the loyal family retainer of Sonia Gandhi announces that Muslims have the first right to the country’s resources. Why were you not commenting then.

    Sonia Gandhi’s right hand man, Radha Kant Nayak – a Christian – is key accused in murder of Swami Lakshmanand. Why are you silent on that.

    It is Congress that stoked the fires of minority fundamentalism. When Hindus have got fed up of being given s***, and retaliate, everybody screams murder.

    Don’t have double standards. And if you want to pitch for dynastic, drug addict Rahul Gandhi, please do it openly.

  3. @Bharat
    I am not for or against any particular party. It’s is unfortunate that i have missed out commenting on Congress screw-ups. According to me Indian politics is corrupt and all politicians are criminals… some more than the others. The purpose of the article was not to blame one particular party but to highlight the dirty game bring played on expense of the citizens. Honestly i would not care if Rahul Gandhi was a drug addict as long as he did something good for the country… the same goes for Varun Gandhi but Varun for the first campaign itself has made hate speeches and has then blatantly denied it, i don’t personally don’t like people who lie and feel that if India needs to progress it has to look beyond liars, criminals.