Tiger Airways Stealing Money!

Cribb sent in Rajasekar about Tiger Airways.

Hi. I am Rajasekar, I have taken a vacation to my Sisters house in Singapore. I travelled in Tiger Airways since the cost was less (2k difference, but I never knew a disaster will wait for me on return…

On return I couldn’t convert $ (32,000) to Indian currency due to short of time and I have kept the cash in my Luggage. I was ahead of 10 minutes before take off and I reached Chennai at 11.45pm, when I reached home at 12.15pm, I was totally shock on seeing my baggage lock. The lock was drilled on the side and they have stolen my money from baggage and neatly locked it again (press lock). I took back my luggage to Airport at 1.45pm and met Chennai Airport manager where I was told to meet Indian Airways department, then from there to chief Security officer. I met him 3.00pm. The chief security officer coolly said that its happening for every Tiger Airways passenger and no response taken by Tiger Airways till now and my case is no big deal. He blamed Singapore airport authorities and demanded that its not possible in Chennai airport but i KNEW IT HAPPENED IN CHENNAI AIRPORT, reason was simple, I was the last passenger boarded in Singapore and i have to wait for more than 30 minutes to get my luggage in Chennai. Practically my luggage should have come earlier since its the last luggage boarded from Singapore, but it wasn’t.

I sent a mail with my ticket info, luggage tags & even the lock image to Tiger Airways for Justice. After long follow up I got a reply saying that Tiger airways will not take responsibility for outer fixture damages and cash loss (I hope its a pre set pdf doc sent to every one who has approached them),the airways knew that its a pre-planned crime executed against their customer but never bothered to take care and take actions towards criminals…if the criminals have planted a explosive in my baggage then what will happen to the flight, they are not bothered or if an illegal drug or narcotics kept in my bag then where’s my future will be?????, Will they also accompany me in counting iron grills.

I plead every one not to travel in Tiger Airways, I foresee that Tiger Airways will be renamed as tear airways by people shortly.

Whoever read this article pleas inform you friends and convey them not to travel in Tiger Airways for their safety. It 0% security guaranteed to customers.

Please forward this message to all your frequent traveller friends and I hope someone will take action against this airline shortly.

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