This is Just Plain Wrong!

I read this article by Neelam Pandey on HT today which was about the poor state in which Delhi MCD schools are and how children have to study in make shift tents every year in the Monsoon season. The article is quite interesting with statistics showing MCD in a very bad light… of course we all know that MCD is probably the worst of all government departments.

Anyways this is not why I am cribbing about this article, if you read the headline “Municipal students to go wet and topless – again” there is a demeaning connotation to it… Yes, the title gets you instant eyeballs but on the cost of making the students look cheap.

I welcome bold moves, but this one just crossed the line.

MCD in shame

One Response to “This is Just Plain Wrong!”

  1. well…..nobody is paying attention to dis…..despite NGOs who are working hard to raise the issue but who is listening….