TATA Sky Mindless SMS Spam

I don’t watch TV that much, maybe a couple hours in the evening watching either reruns of Friends or interesting stuff on Discovery and that’s why I find it annoying when I get 3-4 sms’es from TATA Sky every day to either subscribe to a new channel which I have no interest in or to enter in a content… buy a showcase event etc. This happens every day and I got so sick of it today that I called up the customer care to complaint about it. Being Sunday, it took me good 10 min of hold time before I could get to talk to a customer rep.

I told her my problem and she asked me to simply change my primary number in the TATA Sky account… how absurd? I clarified that I did not want to change my primary number as I still wanted account balance and important updates which come once a month. She told me there was no way to stop those sms’es unless I change or delete my number from their files. Come on TATA SKY, I did not sign up to get haggled every day. How hard is to keep me on the important updates and remove from promotional messages?

I got so ticked off by their ridiculous attitude that i asked the rep to completely delete my number from their account.

If respectable companies like TATA are doing such a thing, think about Reliance infocom, I have heard that their customers keep getting promotional smses and automated calls all day long. So after spending so much money to acquire a customer, you spend even more to drive them away! Height of stupidity.

4 Responses to “TATA Sky Mindless SMS Spam”

  1. You are right prashant ! these sms’es are really very irritating , actually what i have noticed is that all subsciption forms have an option or a clause which says that “You will receive promotional messages”, which is normally ignored as no one has time to go through the complete form in detail. In a way you subscribe for a service and give them right to bother and disturb your peace.

    Infact i get more than 50 spam messages a day. Is there any law or procedure to get rid of them ?

  2. I have been having the same issue with Tata Sky – when I spoke to their customer service – the woman there even went to the extent of telling me to change my mobile number if I am so annoyed with the SMSs….

  3. I face the same problem.
    If your phone number is listed on National Do Not Disturb list, you can launch a complaint with the cell phone service provider.

  4. @ sabahat this is ridiculous what the customer service people told you – change your phone number. i have received 4 sms from airtel since morning and 2 from tatasky. it really bugs me when the smses have no meaning at all for me.

    i however did delete the number from tatasky profile, because if i want then i can check the account status on tatasky itself.