Tata Sky Free Movie Offer

Tata Sky Free MovieI have been using Tata Sky and it has been great so far, the video quality is very good and so is the sound. The best thing I like is that I do not have to deal with the local cable guy anymore which was always a headache.

Having said the good things about Tata Sky, let me start with the bad… it’s been a year and they still have not been able to introduce any English movie in the pay-per-view section (the Showcase as they call it). The choice of Bollywood flicks is also very limited most of them you would not want to see for a cost of Rs. 70

Very recently they introduced a promotion in which you get 60 movies free in the Specials section in Showcase… let me tell you those movie are unheard of, not even my parents have ever heard the names. Needless to say that the offer is useless to most subscribers, so possibly it is just a lure for new customers.

On second thought… nothing can be that bad if it’s coming free! 😉

3 Responses to “Tata Sky Free Movie Offer”

  1. For those who have Tata Sky and would like to watch the fre movies, here’s how you can

    The movie listing can be viewed by: Pressing Showcase button & selecting option 5– ‘Specials’ or By going to channel 376

    In order to view a free movie, You must order the free movie, by way of sending Tata Sky an SMS SC to 56633 from Your Registered Mobile Number (“RMN”) or through the My Tata Sky section on the website.

  2. Hi,
    TATA SKY is bad. Does your remote function properly because by their own admission to me, they have the worst remote control. If you ever ever review TATA and ReLIANCE again, I would love to feature it on my website.
    Coming back to the topic, DISH loses out majorly on presentation. But their ‘dish’ is better and longer lasting. On the other hand, come rain and TATA is wiped out.

  3. Katya, there are problems in the remote as well and not to forget that when it rains heavy, the signals are wiped out completely. Despite these problems i feel it is better than the local cable walla! A couple of my friends who have DISH TV say that Tata Sky is better, i guess the grass always looks greener on the other side 🙂