You Wash, You Pay!

Just when i think that i have written enough crap about MCD, the MCD goes and does something stupid again.

If the roads are damaged by washing cars on then, aren’t they damaged by cars running on them? Which one seems more realistic to you?

Please God put some common sense in the Municipality officials.

Article taken from HT epaper.

RESIDENTS WILL now soon have to struggle to find a place to wash their vehicles. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) is planning to impose a fine of Rs. 100 on those found cleaning their vehicles on the road.

While the logic given by the MCD is that this would help keep the road intact, the ironical fact is that most of its roads are littered with potholes and uneven leveling.

“We are coming up with an awareness campaign to educate De1hiites in maintaining roads by not washing their vehicles on roads. Those who continue to flout the rules will have to pay Rs. 100 as fine.

A senior official will inspect these roads on a regular basis to find out what needs repairing,” said Mayor Arti Mehra.

Many roads under the jurisdiction of MCD are still waiting to get repaired. Even those that have been repaired are marred by potholes that result in traffic jams and accidents. The construction material being used by MCD is also of inferior quality, with the roads getting worn out even after brief spells of rain.

Road digging on MCD roads is also allowed by MCD and it had earned Rs 23 Crore last year from various agencies. Through that fund, MCD spent only Rs 9 crore on restoration.

Most of the agencies such as Delhi Jal Board (DJB), telecom companies and others dig the roads to lay their pipelines, and most roads are not restored once work is over.

MCD fails to repair these roads, resulting in fatal accidents. “We follow two methods before giving permission for digging the roads dig and restore to its original condition or deposit the money for restoration to MCD, then carry out digging. Agencies such as DJB owe us Rs. 36 crore for carrying out road digging,” said Vijendra Gupta, Chairman of MCD’s Standing Committee. The civic body is now planning to spend Rs. 300 crore to strengthen and beautify roads in the Capital.

“A decision was taken in Gurgaon recently wherein those found cleaning cars on the roads will be booked for damaging it. We are watching the Gurgaon model closely and will incorporate such details. We will be coming up with alternative sites in various areas where people will be able to clean their vehicles”, added Gupta.

One Response to “You Wash, You Pay!”

  1. Looks like we’ll have to pay for walking on the roads one day.