Crime is Just a Call Away!

World Phone VOIP AdvertismentThis is what the World Phone ad. on the left says – “We know how much hard work has gone into building your company’s that name. So can you let that go with a mere phone call? And what could be worse than losing face. So while others don’t pay taxes and violate security norms governing telecom licenses, World Phone gives you a perfectly legal service. Well that’s the least you can expect from India’s premier VoIP service provider.”

I think is more of a scare tactic than anything else to get new customers. So if i make a call to US, UK or Canada using other online service (Skype); i will be put behind bars? And who may i ask is going to do that… The World Phone Police?

World Phone should concentrate on selling their product without trying to scare people by their advertising. Rules for using VoIP to make international long distance calls in India is still not very clear, at least to the common man so why even go there?

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