TV is Your Servant

MTNL Present icontrol for your TVSo what’s the fuss about the TV servant thing… MTNL introduced icontrol today… its something like Tivo which is there in the US. Basically it is nothing but a DVD recorder which would record all your favorite programs and play them back when you want it to.

I tried to get more info about icontrol on their website but looks like it there is no such website… makes me wonder, if they were not able to get a simple website up before the day of the launch how many glitches would there be in the system when they start selling it.

Rumor has it that reliance is also coming out with DTH, now MTNL has joined the race too… watch out Dish TV and TataSky

p.s if tv was indeed your servant, what would happen to poor old Ramu? … i know, i know that was a pj 😉

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  1. Update: Their website is now working, however for icontrol, MTNL connectivity is mandatory which is contrary to what was said in the advertisement (no telephone required for using icontrol)

  2. SHRIKANT PAWAR on July 2nd, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    icontrol poor service by aksh ltd. they have small office setup at parel, can not provide services to client they have low salaried staff- ( not to mention – no proper training ) low infrastructure , poor knowledge of staff technical – no service, support , proper installation mtnl – spoiling their name the call center no having – is of aksh. in their office – no properly reply follow ups , not managerial capacity of mr. punami mumbai head . People think before buying / taking service – suggestion to communication minster / dept- or mtnl heads- take commitment from them , or people understand its service of mtnl only- the money rs. 999 is taking in the name of aksh ltd (not mtnl)

  3. Service is very very poor. Though the picture quality is very good one can’t enjoy it as the coneection gets disconnected often.Even after lodging complaints over 50 times they are not fixing the problem. I control people say there is fault in MTNL line and MTNL people say there is fault in I control installation.

    Think 100 times before you take it.

  4. The People of Mtnl and Aksh suck ………they do not have adequate knowledge about the system.

  5. HI,

    Is there anyone who can tell me what exactly Icontrol is? or who is already using it?…i am willing to get info about it but there is nothing available on websites..

    I guess MTNL is ready to be a part of this DTH race without preparation!

  6. IPTV Cancellation/Refund
    I have sent emails, and called so many times to Aksh Optifibre Ltd., for my refund. BUT IPTV is not responding back instead they are delaying it.

    I have been trying to get my refund back now for more than 31 days. I had their MTNL- IPTV connection and got it cancelled on September 17/2008, and provided them next day OB No. 4938. See attachment for reference.

    After one week MTNL confirmed to have them provided information about cancellation and OB No. 4938,They are supposed to refund the cheque of Rs.1000/- in 15 days time. But I am still waiting to get a response from you. My unlimited calls at their office do not give any picture, as when I will receive the mentioned amount.


  7. iptv icontrol are worst service provider.

  8. Yes you said right

  9. Hi,

    I had opted for the MTNL/Aksh Optifibre IPTV services on 19th Jan’2009 for my telephone no. 26761347 and disconnected the same on 31st Jan’ 2009 after 13 days of installation due to bad services. However inspite of following up Aksh Optifibre till now even after 3 months of disconnection I have still not been refunded my Security deposit of Rs. 999/- till now. Inspite of several visits and phone calls to their office till now I have not been able to get the refund inspite of their several promises and am fed up of following up with them. I would like to lodge a severe complaint against Aksh Optifibre for their cheating and would also like to be refunded the security deposit alongwith monthly interest for the same till the date of the payment. Would someone be able to help me on the same. For the non IPTV (Aksh) consumers a word of warning,don’t ever opt for the services,its the worst service and MTNL is least bothered with the consumer’s problems and Aksh makes false promises before you availing it just like any other Indian company but then after availing it you will regret a lot taking it. Believe me, its the worst just like MTNL.

    Thanks and best regards,


  10. Iptv is pathtic services they are give there dnt have any qualified people they all are JERK and ILL-LITERTED person and there call centre Executive has no knowedlge , i lauch compalin at thier call centre in month of march till now none of their person come.

    DNT GO TO PURCHASE IPTV(AKSH) ,they provide worst services


    Arun M