Parents will be Parents

For a country boasting about strong culture & family ties, it is a shame when we have to come up with a law stating that children’s must take care of their parents. When the educated lack basic education then what good would a law do? Yes… it would definitely hold the children accountable when it come to financial matters but what parents ‘NEED’ is not money but the love and care of their own children, the same love and care which the childrens had been brought up with.

Below is the photograph of Zainab Akbar Ali reading the Quran. She is 86 year old and is living at Shephards Widow. Photographed by Manoj Patil for HT. Right below this photograph is a painting of Whistler’s Mother. So similar yet so different. James Abbott made a portrait of his mother because her loved her so much.

Zainab Akbar Ali at Shephard Widow's Home

Whistler's Mothers Painting

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