Pakistan Backtracks on Kasab

It comes as no surprise that the Pakistani government is dismissing the claims of the Indian government that Kasab is a Pakistani. Pak Prez Asif Ali Zardari has denied all claims from India as well as the world that the Mumbai 26/11 terrorist Kasab hails from the village Faridkot in Pakistan.

Let’s not forget that Prez Zardari was one of the speakers at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit held a month back. At that time I pointed out the poor choice of leaders which HT choose to represent the summit. This just proves my point that such summits are completely useless for the common man, they are basically a big PR campaign for the big and mighty.

This is what Zardari had said at the summit. “I do not know whether it is the Indian or the Pakistani in me that is talking to you today,” Zardari said, amid applause from his high-profile audience, which included diplomats, politicians and industrialists and for the first time, a Pakistani head of state promised a “no-first nuclear-strike” against India.

This statement left me wondering, if at all a country is hit by a nuclear strike, will it have anything left to retaliate? What does no-first nuclear strike actually mean… if you hit us first then we will hit back… wake up and smell the coffee!! After the first strike there will be nothing left of the country.

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