Throw a Shoe and Get a Wife!

I found this quite funny! Why do we need websites like and when we have enough pair of shoes lying around the house 🙂

Taken from HT epaper.

The head of a large West Bank family wants to reward the Iraqi journalist who lobbed his shoes at President George W Bush by sending him a bride.

75-year-old Ahmad Salim Judeh says if journalist Muntadhar al-Zeidi is interested the family is willing to take one of its eligible daughters to Iraq along with her dowry.

Judeh says doing so “would be our honour.” He also said on Friday that the 500-member clan had raised $30,000 for al-Zeidi’s legal defense.

Al-Zeidi has become something of a folk hero since throwing his shoes at President Bush at a Sunday press conference. Thousands took to the streets in Iraq to protest his arrest, and his actions were heralded across the Arab world as news stations repeatedly showed footage of the incident.

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