One International Roaming Rate?

Today i was at a Vodafone store in Vasant Vihar… paying bills 🙁 anyways i picked up a flyer advertising Vodafone’s one international rate in any country. Naturally curious I turned over the leaf to check out what it was all about… there were quite a few countries listed on the back leaf with all different roaming rates… huh… I thought i must have read something wrong so I asked the help desk lady to tell me what it was.

After she had a good look at the flyer… looking a bit confused she told me the one roaming rate was the security deposit which was the same for all countries. That! did not make any sense at all.

Vodafone International Roaming Advertising

Vodafone International Roaming Advertising

So once again I turned the leave and read the line which said “You can now enjoy international roaming tariffs across all operators in a country”… BINGO! That’s the fine print right there… “all operators in a country” now i know, roaming rates are the same in a country but not universally same. How many people would really care if it was the same or not? this is a bummer because their advertising is quite misleading.

2 Responses to “One International Roaming Rate?”

  1. It is certainly misleading….

    Infact the first impression you will get after reading the line on the front side of the leaf is that the rate is same irrespective of which country you are travelling to….

    Wonder what the help desk lady was talking about?! security deposit?!

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