Need Ideas for Conducing Poll’s on Cribb

For the last few months I have been conducting regular online polls on cribb on various topics… these days because of the elections, I have kept the poll topics limited to political subjects. The response has been amazing. The last poll conducted “Who Would You Like to See As India’s Prime Minister” got over 220 votes in just 8 days. The current topic “Worst Political Parties in India” is also getting good response.

What I want to do with the poll questions is to be able to correlate the responses once I am done with a few polls. Example… India’s next Prime Minister saw Manmohan Singh and L.K Advani get the highest number of votes. 59 each and in the current poll, people are voting Congress as the worst political party. This gets me thinking that even though Congress is being voted the worst party but people still want to see Mr. Singh as the next PM… interesting isn’t it?

If you have some good questions on the political scenario, then ask them in the comment box below and I will create and poll for it and make it open for everyone to vote.

One Response to “Need Ideas for Conducing Poll’s on Cribb”

  1. We are ungrateful people ,forgets the basic contribution he made in our system with endless opposition from all corners of india,’ CAN WE GIVE A CHANCE TO HONBLE T.N. SESHAN EX -CEC OF INDIA’ Honble Manmohan Singh is too gentle to our political, administrative and judiciary system. Both are non political personalities needed to be inducted in our GOVERNMENT ?? Do you agree sir!.CAN THERE BE SOME ALTERNATIVE WAY TO INDUCT BOTH IN GOVT SYSTEM FOR PEOPLE OF INDIA.