Schools Need to have a Doctor at Hand

If you have been following the Akkriti Bhatia’s (Modern School Student, Vasant Vihar. Delhi) case you will know that everyday it gets even more puzzling with the explanations or should I say excuses which the school authorities are coming up with. Akkriti Bhatia died because she was not given proper medical attention while suffering from breathlessness.

Amongst all this confusion, my only question to the school authorities is that why was an ambulance not called while the school nurse was monitoring Akkriti’s condition. Had this been done, she would have been still alive. With a well established school like Modern, which I assume is cash rich can easily avail service of a full time doctor together with a nurse.

Is loosing a life cheaper than paying a doc full time?

Akkriti Bhatia

2 Responses to “Schools Need to have a Doctor at Hand”

  1. Whether you have a doctor/nurse fulltimer or not, you can not open a hospital in school for rare and unforeseen happennings. what is required is not to defend non- serious approach by subtitutes of different varities advocated by different minds.we teach emergency numbers display them abudently but we have not been taught and could learn to distiguish between EMERGENCY and urgency due to very many socio economy based Govt.cum private/nursing home medical advantage factor commonly experinced by us.May her soul rest in peace.Govt. schools will use it as a tool to purchase equipments without appointing competent person to handle and use them.

  2. @Rony
    While i agree with you that it is not possbile to have a doctor for every school but at the same time i think private schools who charge a bomb should provide such facility.