Make iPad2 3G work with Airtel 3G sim

I got a 3G iPad2 which was bought from U.S and i was planning to use a 3G sim card from India. I decided to get one from Airtel, i paid Rs.300 for the micro sim which you would need for your iPad (regular sim wont work and do not try cutting the sim card yourself) and then another Rs.100 to recharge it for 100MB 3G use. The sim was activated and i came home to use it with the iPad.

I entered the sim and then went to the safari browser but was getting error that Safari could not detect any internet even though i was getting full signals and was even seeing the 3G symbol on the top.

Apart from enabling your data access on iPad, you need to do one more thing to make your Airtel 3G work… you need to go to Settings > Cellular Data > APN and then enter in the field… you can leave the username and password blank.

That’s it, this will get your ipad2 working on 3G speed.

5 Responses to “Make iPad2 3G work with Airtel 3G sim”

  1. The ipad2 3g u bought from the usa which worked with airtel in delhi was that the AT&T version or the verizon version? Would be grateful for your response to my email..thank you very much

  2. I tried the above settings, still safari is not working.

  3. @HGS: it was unlocked.. nothing to do with any carrier.

    @senthil: did you power off your ipad and restart or try to reset the network settings?

  4. can u call from ipad

  5. Hey pritam, I got the new ipad 2 and on the first day airtel3g was working fine but next day it displayed message “Could not activate cellular data” then i would switch it off and turn it on and it may work or sometimes it doesnt..please help and give the solution