A Terror Called MNS

Raj Thackeray’s MNS openly targets and assaults North Indians on the streets and the Director General of Police Maharashtra Mr. A.N Roy says that “As far as arresting Thackeray goes… unless a direct link is established between him and the vandals how can he be arrested. Shiv Sena activist also indulge in violence, do we arrest Bal Thackeray?

What kind of a statement is that? Even a kid on the street of Mumbai knows that MNS is headed by Raj Thackeray… isn’t that a direct link?

Rishikesh Menna, a 27-year old candidate from Rajasthan, said a group of 20 MNS workers stopped him and others like him as they came out of their exam centre. Scared, they all ran back to the centre, only to be forced out by the police. “Instead of protecting us, the police threw us back into the clutches of these animals,” he said.

“The mob hit us with sticks and iron rods and even chased those who tried to run away.

When some of us went to the police to complain, they asked us to leave instead,” he added. “I just want to go back home. I will never come to Mumbai,” said Rajendra Shukla

So instead of police protecting the candidates, they were forced into the hands of the vandals. Some serious action needs to be taken by the central government. Why can’t MNS understand we are all Indians and then divided by the region we belong, or are they following the Divide & Rule policy of the British?

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  1. Raj Thackeray arrested… finally!

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