Let The Better Man Win

I am surprised at the results of my latest poll “Should M.M Singh & L.K Advani Have a Public Debate?” When I started off the poll I assumed that I would get at least 90% votes form people who would like to see the debate happen but to my surprise 33% of people don’t want such a public debate.

I wonder why this is the case? After all a public debate would clearly highlight the issues each candidate is campaigning for and would bring out the best and the worst in both. Woudn’t this be the right way to make an informed decision?

Indian political scenario is cursed with many bad political parties and worthless candidates and the citizens have the right to get clear and direct information. This is important for us to grow as a nation.

I would love to hear the other side of the story… would like to know the reason why people don’t want this debate to happen.

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