Slumblog Here, Can I Process Your Order?

I don’t see why this was made an issue in the first place. Just because Limbaugh called Indian BPO employees “slumdogs” does not mean they are one. Why do we even need to get into the debate? Bitter people usually say provocative thing to gain attention and its best to dismiss such statements rather then highlight them. Forgive, forget and move on.

Article taken from HT City.

BPO employees in India are frothing at the mouth over American radio jockey Rush Limbaugh terming them “slumdogs”. Limbaugh blamed the lack of jobs in America on outsourcing to India: “If you’re sitting out waiting for a job that’s now being done by a slumdog in India, and you’re waiting for that job to be cancelled, for the slumdog to be thrown out of work, and you to get the job, it ain’t going to happen.”

Outraged at this racist stand of the RJ – Limbaugh, incidentally fashions himself as a, Republican – Indians feel this is a case of both sour grapes and ignorance.

“How dare they call us that?” demands Somya Thakur, 27, an IT professional in Gurgaon. “They need to check their facts. We’re one of the most advanced countries in the world in the field of infotech. I guess, they are getting too insecure about their jobs.”

Software professional Biplob Bhuyan states, “We are well trained and know what we’re doing, no matter of what he says.” Biplob Barman, a postgraduate student, says, “Personally I would like to call Limbaugh a dumb ass. No one has the right to call Indian BPO workers slumdogs.” Devika Saran, who works at an international bank, feels that the RJ “is not sane”. She adds, “He even made nasty comments about Obama. What would he know about how BPOs function?”

However, Indians living abroad don’t seem too bothered. Sahil Arora, an engineer based in California, says, “Limbaugh has been accused of making insensitive remarks on everyone from women to homosexuals. These comments don’t come as a surprise to Indians here.”

3 Responses to “Slumblog Here, Can I Process Your Order?”

  1. How true .. making a big deal of a non-issue seems to be the favorite passtime of the hour!

  2. Try to face truth,do’nt cry over the split milk. Indians are Slumdog be proud of being called a Slumdog because we have gracefully acknowledged the awared from them on this account sir!.

  3. whos cryin now???……its u Americans, u have no jobs right now…..and u said dont cry indians!!….its rush limbaugh an American who cried on show…..retard….out of frustration…… cry cry until u die!!!……Americans – most violent creatures on earth, psychos….hmmmm can’t waste my time.