Let me Decided Who I Want as the Next PM

I would like to see both these great grand pa’s political leaders in a public face-off on National TV. This would be the right way to judge what they stand for and against without any interferences from their party presidents or other members. Since they are what the country will depend on, I feel this is the right way to make a informed decision as a voter.

The debated should be mediated by a respectable media person and the questions should be from the citizens. These candidates should not be allowed to play the blame game and should be asked to answer a question without posting another question as an answer.

This is the need of the hour. If we “voters” are the ones who have the power to change the face of India, let us make this debate happen and let these future PM’s prove what they are worth!

MM Singh with LK Advani - photo taken from HT

2 Responses to “Let me Decided Who I Want as the Next PM”

  1. You said it .. I totally agree with this point.
    The only thing which could play spoilsport is the emergence of other small fish as PM hopefuls .. all the way down to Sharad Pawar 😀

  2. Honour to those whose words are deeds—willam wordsworth set out the formulae in his poem. Now look into their past when they enjoyed power in govt. indifferent capacities will reveal who sould be the PM. it should not be evaluated on lines of school/ college pattern debate sir,it will simply amount to experimenting again at cost next 5 years.