Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

Widow Gets a plot from DDA after 36 yearsDamn… it takes more than 36 years to get justice in this great country, mind it… the widow till has not got the plot. DDA has been given 4 weeks by the High Court to allot her one and we all know that DDA never meets deadline, they don’t even know what a deadline is…

It’s kinda ridiculous that the Delhi High Court only slapped a fine of Rs. 15,000 on DDA, how on earth did they come up with this amount? I would take into account the rent which was paid for 36 years by the widow, which she would have saved had she be living in her own house.

Even if i take Rs. 1000 as a monthly rent (1000*12*36 = Rs. 4,32,000). Rs. 4,32,000 should be paid to the women in rent and an additional sum of Rs. 5,00,000 for mental stress. This is the least the Delhi High Court should have done for the widow.

Don’t you think if Delhi High Court had slapped a fine of Rs. 10,00,000 on DDA, this would have set an example for the government body? Rs. 15,000 is a JOKE and somehow the common man is the fool.

2 Responses to “Justice Delayed is Justice Denied”

  1. It takes time to get justice. But we need to raise voice for the justice.

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  2. Jiski lathi usi ki bhans, still prevails in indsian metros as well.
    one greedy member of a family conspires against his siblings whole his life to grab the parental property and some how by bribing the local police, remains the occupant of the property till decided by the court which takes unlimited years to decide. The best solution for such cases should be the court should order to evict the property from any of the joint owners of the property. This way, the miscreant will be left with no interest to grab the property. As er law, any body, who is a joint owner of the property should not be allowed to completely occupy the whole property without the conscent of the other joint owners, in case of any dispute, the property should be placed in vacant position.