5 Simple Clicks to Nothing

I saw this ad. in the paper today and thought it would be nice to check if my name is on the voter list and what is the location of the polling booth. The website is of the Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi http://www.ceodelhi.nic.in

Unfortunately the website did not load for me, I assume the traffic on the website was the reason for it being down. My question to the authorities is, if they come out with half a page ad. asking people to logon to the website, why can’t they make sure that the website is up and running. What good will it do if I can’t login at the time of the election because I sure won’t be accessing it after the polls.

A couple weeks back I had written to the Chief EC asking more information on clause 49(o) “The right to register a vote for no candidate” but no one from their office got back to me. When their website is working, it is non informative and when they give out information, the website stops responding. Government website are a joke!

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  1. Sir
    If it is your maiden experience with govt. deptt,it is o.k. to file your complaint with the authorities.But soon you would realise that all website belonging/ or controlled by state govt are meant to befool public politely.No person has been officially appointed/ assigened to perform the job exclusively in any deptt.to deal with e-mail I/D received by them in their deptt who have launched their own websites. No personal email I/D of the IAS and PCS responsible officer have been given on web site. You will find old data and irrevelent informations not useful for public use are loaded knowingly.FAQ etc are stero type and are never updated. Example-If you are a govt employee and is likely to retire soon,it is the job of the employee to get your GPF book completed,service book completed,get your pension papers completed by your’s own persuations with head down and run from deptt to concern PAO for your final receipts.This is an example of services offered by a govt deptt to a govt servant within the deptt.or in any Delhi govt office. How can we as a public/common man expect better services from the Delhi Govt when they are not rendering the services to their own man. Infact individual can not fight/argue with an organised system which went ill since the death of Indira Gandhi.The FEAR from system is disappeared.By saying so it is not justified that she had been correct always but certainly FEAR MAKES THE MERE GO was true in her time.Except few like- railway and bank or airflights the webb info. is unfruitful to public.