Hyundai i10 Car of The Year?

I was watching the IPL and saw this ad on the side which said Hyundai i10 is the car the year… did a little research on it found out that Business Standard has now named Hyundai i10 as the Car of the Year 2008.

How does a car become “Car of the Year” when it has not even been on the market for more than 6-7 months, specially when the year 2008 started just 4 months back!

Humm… some one paid BS for the title.. didn’t they!

One Response to “Hyundai i10 Car of The Year?”

  1. Others have expressed similar opinions in forum. If you think on the lines that timing is not significant, the award will start making sense. Because at the same time last year, COTY 2007 was awarded when it was just the beginning of 2007. Hence it’s an annual affair and which ever car is awarded, it is the best at the time of being reviewed and honoured by the experts of Auto magazines.