How to Get Insider Company Information

In my spare time I like to surf the net for new websites which especially cater to India. The Indian internet scenario is very hot and there are many startups with great concept that keep mushrooming. Some of the website try and ape already successful websites, such as but they can’t quite measure up to the standards and with time die out… then there are some which have a unique concept and the stickiness to keep users keep coming back to them, one such website I found was Talent Equity (

This is what they do! aggregates and presents employee opinions about their workplaces and salaries. The users can anonymously read and write reviews about their current or previous employers. Since the reviews are completely anonymous, they are honest and forthright.

If you are a job seeker, and what to know about your prospective company or want to know what people working there say about the company then this site will be of great help.

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