Faulty Whirlpool Refrigerator

I got this cribb from Tabish Anwar (Pune) today, hope Whirlpool people take a notice of this and do the needful.

I bought Whirlpool 260 Liter mastermind refrigerator 2 week ago from Pune authorized DASS Electronics, from the day one i am continuously getting electric shock from refrigeration body door and after making this complaint one Whirlpool person visited to my home and enquired about this… but dis not find any solution and said this is manufacturing defects. After that i requested 50 times to whirlpool call center as well to DASS Electronics Pune to replace my refrigerator but there is no one to hear that and call gets diverted by sweet talk and unfulfilled promises.

Even they are so worst in their customer service and so crook in their dealing ie; even with my many request they usually say .. this is normal electric shock which is being felt in every refrigerator. Basically they were only interested to sell their faulty product to consumer and once it was sold any how they don’t want to listen .

Pleas do corrective action on earliest otherwise i will go to media / consumer forum to sue upon Whirlpool as well as to DASS Electronics Pune.

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  1. Shashikant Tandel on April 11th, 2008 at 6:56 pm

    Me too have some problem with my Whirlpool Refrigerator 190L. Firstly the Compressor went off in Two years then after again another year there was a Gas Leakage from Compressor and now this year there is a Gas Leakage from the Freezer and no Cooling and my Refrigerator is now useless.

  2. Gautam Bhatia on July 4th, 2008 at 10:14 am

    I have Whirlpool Double Door Refreigrator, from last 1 month it has stop cooling, i called whirlpool service center, showroom and many other places, but no action is taken yet, my personnel advice to people who ever read this article is, buying whirlpool is wastage of money, The company is hiring stars for advertiesment and selling third grade quality product, the sale should get stop, only then these guys will wake up and do some thing for people who have blocked their money in the SHIT called WHIRLPOOL.

  3. Me too have bad experience with whirl pool refrigerator. I bought a master mind model in May 2008 from Adishwars, Bangalore and found door leaking problem in Jun(Within One month). It was a manufacturing defect and I found after one month. Even After One month of complaning, the problem not yet resolved rather I dont think this will get resolved. Buying a Whirlpool Product will be the WORST decion ever we take in our life.

  4. Whirlpool 340L Professional

    I baught new Whirlpool Refrigerator 340L Professional from Reliance Mart. Since I baught there is water leakage problem inside refrigerator, every day water fill at the bottom of vegetable tray even though there is nothing inside refrigerator.

    I did complain to Reliance and Whirlpool, Engineer came from both sides but problem is not solved at last Reliance gave me new same model Refrigerator not Whirlpool. Again this new Refrigerator has same problem and Now no one is listening my complain they are just annoying my complain, all time there is new excuse.

    I suggest to all my dear friend dont purchase product from Whirlpool, they are so poor in Service specially solving problem.

    Thanking you,

    Brijesh Chhantbar

  5. Hi,
    To all guys and planning to buy consumer electronic products whirlpool the brand is a real piece of S***, It is my humble request to all of you that dont buy any whirlpool product because, first of all the quality of products is not good and when it comes to warranty issue, no body from whirlpool will come to listen you, still if ppl out there wanna waste their hard earn money thn go and buy the s*** Brand WHIRLPOOL…..

  6. I raised a complaint about my fridge on 30/09/2008 complaint no HD1008001420. Engineer Mr. Mahendra ( Mob No 9246112018) visited my place on 1/09/2008 and diagnosed that fan of the fridge is not working and told me it will be repaired in two days. Since than I have called him many times generally he does not take my calls but on 4th he told me my fridge will be repaired on 6th.

    Today when I called him he said he is not in office and told me to call on 040-64517102.This no is either busy or no body picks it up. Then again I called up service centre 040-66787744 some lady took my call and told me I will be attended within an hour. Still waiting for any response from whirlpool. My fridge is down from last 15 days I have given my replacement papers to Mr. Mahendra he told me he will tell me whether it will be a free repair nothing has happened till now.

    After I bought the fridge within 6 months in the month of MAY it was replaced by you cause there was manufacturing defect in that. You charged extra for that since that model was in stock at that time.

    Now again within 5 months this fridge is also giving problem. I will be spending 30% extra of the cost of the fridge within an year of purchase .I am seriously worried about the fridge Whirlpool are giving and quality of the services they are providing is pathetic.

  7. I ham also having a severe problem with my whirlpool double door refrigerator. I lodged a complaint (no.2476) at the service center. They said the PCB unit needs to be replaced, and its been 15 days now, that they did not turn up. Continuous calls to the service center is of no use. A lady at the service center also promised to call within 2 hours with the information, and i have not yet got that call (its been 2 days now!!). i think the service center is a hoax, and there is no value in wqhat they claim or say. Its a pity that we are helpless and have no way to sue such fraud and liars.

  8. sanjay saxena on April 6th, 2009 at 9:34 pm

    I purchased a 310 litre refrigerator from next retail store,sector 14 gurgaon.after 3 months this refrigerator stopped cooling.Icalled service engineer and engineer came and changed the compressor.After 3 months again gas leaked.Now the refrigerator is unserviceable since 4th of February.I complained to company and the next retail shop that this refrigerator is faulty and it should be replaced ,but I received no response neither from company nor from next retail shop.Whirlpool company does not care after its product is sold.

  9. This is Very disaappointing, We bought Wrilpool’s Fridge 7 months back. and now everyday we are facing one or other problem. we have registered the complaint many times and an executive had come but he could solve the problem. Following are the problem with ur brand:
    1. Cooling
    2. Door makes lot of noise.
    3. water is driping.

    I just want to say now its been a month that we are complaning and still at the same place. Can i realy expect that my problem will be sloved ASAP? so that i can also say that i made a right choice.

  10. I have also a service problem from whirlpool i have complaine for my 350 ltr model for cooling on 27/5/2010 and the complaine no. is21235 and also remined on29th, 31st and 2nd june than techanician come on 6th of june and say that it will repair day after tomorrow. On 15th of june i call at customer care and answer is the complaine is closed and new complaine no.11089 is given to me. I have also told this matter to service in charge at baroda but still today nobody is coming to my home to solve the complaine. The whirlpool company have only interst in selling their product and don’t care for sevice. So if company don’t want give service why should they give tool free number they closed customercare and save their money if they want doing only business.
    ajay patel