Delhi Jal Board Uses GPS To Track Tankers

DJB Uses GPS Units to Track Tanker Movement : Cut out from HTDid you get to read this article on HT today? Interesting read! Delhi Jal Board installed 229 GPS systems on their water tankers to track their movement because they “thought” that the water tankers were selling the water to ICE making companies instead of delivering it to water starved parts of Delhi. Firstly how ever would have known that DJB officials can “THINK” wow.. thats news to me and secondly they had to install 299 GPS systems , spending a total of over 2.9 Crore to find out IF their water tank drivers were indeed selling water… I could have told you this for free and that also in my sleep.

If this is not ridiculous enough, imagine they caught 6 drivers red handed selling water!! oh my god! they spent close to 3 crore and caught 6 drivers.. thats like spending 50 lakhs per driver.

Can you imagine a better use of hard earned tax payers money? Honestly i can’t…. hum.. maybe… just maybe they could have used this money to set up boosting station or something which could help the water supply problem.. then again who am i to do think… i have left the thinking part to the DJB officials 😉

One Response to “Delhi Jal Board Uses GPS To Track Tankers”

  1. It’s amazing how people cry hoarse about spending money “that can be put to more productive use” The purchase is a long-term investment. The knowledge of the presence of GPS serves as a deterrent to truck drivers, and these costs re not tangible.