Delhi Electricity Problem

Delhi's Dark Side - Cutout taken from Hindustan Times

Delhi had a power shortage every year in the summer, this has been a tradition for decades so much so that i could quite easily call it a summer festival 🙂

Hindustan Times came out with a full page information section on electricity situation, what to do, what not to do and how to save electricity. I would love to save electricity if i can get my fair share.

Year after year there is a water and power crisis and we all know that, so why can’t be anything done about it. Politicians have no idea what a power cut means because they live in a picture perfect world.

You know what i have a problem with, when there is no power for days together??? At the end of the month i get the electricity bill with the same monthly minimum rent charged. What the hell is that? Why would the power companies charge the same monthly rent when they do not provide the service in the first place. It’s like paying for something which you bought but were never given.

In my opinion the monthly minimum charge should be on a pro rata basis and should decrease if the power supply is affected for even 1 hour. This will make the power companies cough up money, every time they sneeze.

Secondly, government and the power companies should start paying for the inverters which people need to buy to have a power back up. The government collects taxes to provide basic facility to its citizens yet it fails year after year on multiple counts, this is one way it has to give back to the community. After all why do people have to buy inverters, power stabilizers water purifiers to get up to the BASIC LIVING STANDARDS?

4 Responses to “Delhi Electricity Problem”

  1. yes u r right. india is on a downfall and soon it will vanish from the world.

  2. jitender sharma on March 6th, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    please send me the email id of (delhi electricity) on which we can complained about our erea electricity problems.our area is Rajendra park ext, nangloi- delhi-110041.

  3. why current goes everyday in chattarpur south delhi. please do something

  4. Delhi is Indias capital city and a people dream to stay and work here. So how can one wish to stay here without electric and water supply. Munirka is always facing electric problem with that water problem and cleanness. Please help the people here most of us are emplyee,college student etc power cut is a normal cause.