Driving Under Influence of Mobile Phone

Ban on Using Mobile Phones while Driving

I fully agree that it is not safe to talk on the cell phone while driving, the reason is you loose concentration and second you are not in total control over the vehicle as at least one hand is away from the steering.

At the same time the government is taking this too far by putting a ban of talking while on speaker phone as well as bluetooth, this i just insane. Technically speaking, talking on speaker phone or bluetooth is much safer then having a conversation with someone sitting on co-driver seat. The reason is that when you talk to someone sitting next to you, you invariably have to look at them sometime or the other while this is not the case when you are on a hands free device, you tend to look straight at the road.

I don’t know who those people are who make such rules, i would call them educated illiterates which would be a complement too as i assumed that they would be educated in the first place. Never the less, these rules make no sense and would have to be written off sooner or later.

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