Chandni Chowk of The Future

What China did to their old city before the Olympics is what Delhi wants to do with Chandni Chowk before the Commonwealth Games.

Below is the Impression of an Artist of how Chandni Chowk (Old Delhi) would look like after proposed restoration.

I see many fundamental problems with the pic below.

1. There does not seem to be any road, all is just footpath laid with red bricks

2. I see a Metro train in the middle of the road… and i see a guy running towards it, suicide? By the way… where did the tracks go?

3. I See more people walking in the middle of the road, like they are taking a morning walk in the park.

4. No ricks, no cycles, no carts… this can’t be old Delhi!

5. Planting trees in the middle of the road and in front of a train is hardly a wise decision. (One of the ways govt. is creatively controlling population)

Usually Artists impression of something depicts of what the place would look like in real, this is far from it. As usual the government has shown us that they sold their brains to collect money to contest elections. Its surprising how far Rs.20 went, it even won them the elections 😉

Artist Impression Chandni Chowk

8 Responses to “Chandni Chowk of The Future”

  1. This is impression of an artist – not a scientist/engineer. Take a chill pill. This isn’t the architecture document.

  2. It can be a low profile Bus either.

  3. @ Prashant: Artist impression is usually what the place would look like in the future and the artist is guided by the planner / architect. If this is what comes out after the guidance then things like this have to be highlighted as it is the taxpayers money being used to renovate and not a charity by government. Besides this attitude to saying that it is just a impression and should be taken lightly has lead to where we are today, We still have no regular electricity, erratic water supply.. All because we have taken a chill pill.

  4. @ Gautam: you could be right.


    Before we take this further, do you know whether this artistic impression is official one? If it’s not, then it’s not worth debating upon. I can create a similar painting and publish it on my blog. I am sure i’ll find someone to cribb about it. The point is – is the data authentic enough to cribb/debate about?

  6. @ Prashant: took it from HT newspaper so i know it is authentic.


    My point was – whether the artist whose impression we are debating about is official? We may want to check the credibility of the artist not the source from where you got the picture. The caption says – “an artist” and that is dangerous. i’d like to look at the impression of “the artist” and his impression which is approved by the govt

  8. @Prashant: do you really think HT will publish some artists’ impression on its national edition without verifying the credibility of its origin?