Please Don’t Make me Read Crap

As I was reading HT Business today, I came across an article “The Facebook lesson: urgent need to re-examine the business model” on the front page, written by N Madhavan (Associate Editor). Not sure how many of you have read it but if you havn’t then you just saved 10 min of your precious time. […]

Does Facebook own your Photos, Videos?

No need to worry, FB has decided to return to previous Terms of Use while they resolve the issues that people have raised. Facebook on Monday said it is not usurping users’ content despite changing service terms to claim “perpetual worldwide license” to anything posted at the social-networking website. Under the new terms, which came […]

How to Get Insider Company Information

In my spare time I like to surf the net for new websites which especially cater to India. The Indian internet scenario is very hot and there are many startups with great concept that keep mushrooming. Some of the website try and ape already successful websites, such as but they can’t quite measure up […]

L.K Advani Advertises on Google Adwords

BJP leader Mr. L.K. Advani wants himself to be well known among the net savvy people as well. For over a month now, he has been advertising his website on the internet using Google Adwords. His banner ad is visible almost everywhere and that show how much money he is pumping in for it, […]

For Once Ring the Door Bell… Will You!

Bring Domestic Violence to a Halt! Excellent campaign that I have been watching on the TV… whole heartedly support it. I encourage everyone to have a look with their website