L.K Advani Advertises on Google Adwords

BJP leader Mr. L.K. Advani wants himself to be well known among the net savvy people as well. For over a month now, he has been advertising his website lkadvani.in on the internet using Google Adwords. His banner ad is visible almost everywhere and that show how much money he is pumping in for it, just makes me wonder why he is publicizing himself over his party?

Anyways, I captured this screen shot while having a look at the Pakistani newspaper The Dawn… I happened to see Mr. Advani’s banner advertising displayed promptly on the top. Funny considering Pakistan is against Advani’s principles.

5 Responses to “L.K Advani Advertises on Google Adwords”

  1. Turns out that Mr. Advani is advertising to be voted for the next PM, i saw one of the banners with that info.

  2. It is a good approach. President of U.S., Barack Obama has his own website. There is nothing wrong in using the power of internet to promote yourself. I congratulate him for this approach.

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with it… except that he is about 34 years older than Obama, is allegedly involved in conspiring in the assassination of Jinnah and is still running for the Prime Minister’s post… India badly needs some young blood.

  4. […] This has to be a joke! What the government could not do in decade after independence, they plan to do that in the next 6 years. Unlink all government plans which have a gestation period of minimum 10 years, this one will stretch to 50. Maybe Mr. L.K Advani is still hanging around waiting to be the next Prime Minister. […]

  5. Mrityunjay Tripathi on March 5th, 2009 at 7:00 pm

    C’mon Guys,
    This ad goes to whichever site visited by Indians a lot.Why the guy who submitted this story himself visited this site? And doesn’t Mr. Advani know that Pakistanis cant vote for him?
    A little more commonsense is expected from critics.