What an Irony!

On one hand you can see Kajol and Ajay Devgan playing Holi with a water hose and on the other hand there is Delhi’s Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit front lining for the World Water Day.

Kajol and Ajay Devgan Playing Holi, Taken from HT

Word Water Day. Save Water!

7 Responses to “What an Irony!”

  1. Hmm, really a sad thing, thing which u can not create, is the thing which u must not waste…

  2. this is because kajol and ajay devgan are in mumbai and shiela dikshit is requesting to save water to delhiites

  3. delhi or mumbai water is not to be wasted

  4. The norms are always meant for middle class.This class is symbolic to doggy class and is its own enemy in conduct like dogs.No body has ever objected fountains making on roadside and on some office building on grounds of beautification wasting water/ energy both for whose eye soothing??.Holi is festival of hindus if some extra water is used we should not condem it and relate it otherway.The term wasting of water conveys different aspect of unattended utilisation.

  5. i think the fun comes first no matter what,wasting water is not a big deal what the heck.Just let them have fun.

  6. to enjoy this day this way, we shud save water on all other remaining days of the year in all possible ways and nt just on save water day!

  7. We are very expert in tailoring contexts and co relating in other way to
    justifye it.Oscar winner film slum dog poverty contents and our legacy has made us proud Indian before the International commounity is also a national efforts is an examlpe.