My World is Dying… Literally!

Save EarthThese days, I have been watching a lot of Discovery channel and most of the programs I watch are related to global warming, water shortage and the works. I am hooked to these programs but the more I watch them, the more I am scared about the future of this planet… trust me the way we are going, it does not look bright at all. Researchers in the west are trying to come up with solutions to stop and even reverse global warming but here in India, I don’t even hear people talking about it.

Just today I was watching DD (Door Darshan)… Yes! You heard me right. There was a special program coming on the “Evening Show” where an expert was talking about the water shortage all over India. He was not at all shy in explaining how bad the situation is, according to him we have crossed the danger zone of the ground water level which usually takes about a hundred years to replenish itself. Simply put… all the tube wells we have dug have dried up the underground water lever and the worse part is that we then dig even deeper to fish out whatever water is left.

Our Government / Politicians have completely ignored the issue… they think short terms, which often leads no where. If this continues, in 50 years we would be surviving on a dead planet, can you imagine it? Water is the source of all life and without it everything on this planet will seize to exist.

There are many things which you and I can do to make a difference. First, start watching the Discovery channel so that this issue hits you where it should. I also watch a lot of programs which help you go green. Harvesting rain water, using solar power… etc. By watching such programs one becomes aware of what all can be done and how little it takes to do it.

Lastly, if this destruction continues we will see things going from bad to worse in our lifetime only… doesn’t this thought scare you?

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  1. The problems you mentioned in the post are real, but I don’t see any reason to lose hope already. Historically, technological progress has far outpaced the problems that we faced, and the standard of living of humans have risen all throught the recorded history.

    Specifically with respect to water shortage, the water isn’t escaping earth into outer space. The issue at hand is that fresh water sources are depleting. While this problem is unlikely to solve itself, I am sure the technological progress will make it much more easy (and cheap) to make the sea water fit-to-drink. Many countries in the Middle-East are already doing it, and I see no reason why India can’t. Of course, science has no answer for corrupt/inefficient politicians. But just like the economic crisis in 1991 forced government out of its slumber, when the water problem reaches a critical magnitude, the politicians will have to take the right decision.

    Trying to go green is a noble thing, but it is also necessary to keep the rational cap on while making decisions. Take the case of the Hollywood star who flew in his hybrid car to US from Australia in his private jet, burning more CO2 than the car could ever save!

  2. Very true Ambuj, the water is not going anywhere but we are polluting it and it is very expensive to clean and make water worth drinking. People in the Middle East are doing it… correct, they have no choice. The RO filteration they use is very expensive and in the process more than 50% of the water goes waste, which is unfit for drinking as well as for agriculture use as it contains lot of salt. The Yamuna which could have been a source of drinking water in Delhi is polluted beyond words can express, Ganga the lifeline of India is set to dry up by 2035.
    If India does not take this problem seriously, not only the air will be too polluted to breath but the water will also be gone.

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