Who Said shopping is Not Therapeutic?

If your mood changes by the minute, then you have bigger problems than just rearranging you furniture! 😉

Girls! Girls! Girls!

I was wondering why HT photographers only shoot girls when there is an article on DU… Not that i am complaining 🙂

Media Degeneration!

This Cribb was sent by a concerned citizen. Though Freedom of expression to media remains an important aspect for a democratic society, it must balance against fair reporting and right to privacy. However, present day media overlooks all codes of conduct to sensationalize news stories to attract audience. As we all know, crime stories are […]

Advertising Exaggerated! So Whats New?

For sure, with the wide availability of the internet things are getting easy. With a click of a mouse you can now pay taxes online and even book a classified ad on you favorite newspaper. I happened to look at print advertising for HT Classified and thought they just stressed the concept longer than a […]

Abhishek Bachchan: What A Bad Idea

Hands down this is the worst commercial concept yet for IDEA Cellular. First they hired Abhishek again, and then the stupid concept. The only thing that goes well with the concept is Abhishek though, he actually look like a character who i could imagine as a guide in Agra, makes me wonder that he could […]