Media Degeneration!

This Cribb was sent by a concerned citizen.

Though Freedom of expression to media remains an important aspect for a democratic society, it must balance against fair reporting and right to privacy.

However, present day media overlooks all codes of conduct to sensationalize news stories to attract audience.

As we all know, crime stories are central to most forms of news media specially the television, certain channels as India T.V have constant coverage of murders, sexual violence and crimes of the type to enhance ratings.

To top it all, in the much covered Noida’s ‘Aarushi Talwar’ murder case, journalists are playing the role of being C.B.I agents as well, investigating and claiming to get the truth to the public or is it selective presentation of crispy information. Media cannot usurp the function of police or judiciary and deviate from its role of public reporting.

Can we forget the Adnan murder case where the teenager could have been saved, had the important information pertaining to investigations not leaked to the media?

I’m reminded of a quote, “I find television news channels very educational. Every time someone switches it on I go into another room and read a good book.”

One Response to “Media Degeneration!”

  1. I totally agree with you. The media is far too inclined to sensationalize & sell news rather than understanding the sensitivity of the matters. It is highly irresponsible of media to actually ‘convict’ Dr. Talwar (refer news headlines ‘Phoot gayaa paap ka gharda!!’, amar ujala, 24th May08 ), when his family is pleading against being framed by police & the courts have yet to hear the case. Presenting facts is one thing while giving a decision another.