India Ranked the Worst Bureaucracy

Below is the excerpt taken from HT epaper, seems like India is worse off than Pakistan! It was once called the steel frame of the British Raj. Today, the Indian bureaucracy is a rusty parody of its former self. Meant to be the interface between the government and the citizen, it usually leaves citizens seething, […]

This is Just Plain Wrong!

I read this article by Neelam Pandey on HT today which was about the poor state in which Delhi MCD schools are and how children have to study in make shift tents every year in the Monsoon season. The article is quite interesting with statistics showing MCD in a very bad light… of course we […]

Dancing The Political Dance

Like the saying goes: Waqt ane par gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai!

They Tricked me into Voting

So the story goes… Since the morning I was double minded if I should cast my vote or not, after looking into the candidate’s background I was not convinced if they were the right people for the job. At 11am I decided that I should at least go and register my vote using the clause […]

5 Simple Clicks to Nothing

I saw this ad. in the paper today and thought it would be nice to check if my name is on the voter list and what is the location of the polling booth. The website is of the Office of Chief Electoral Officer, Delhi Unfortunately the website did not load for me, I assume […]