Save Electricity by Checking BEE Labels

If rising electricity bills are bothering you, Switch to electrical appliances with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) label. You can reduce your electricity bills and help India to increase the availability of electivity for more people, simply by buying Refrigerators, ACs & Tubelights that bear BEE’s Star-Rated Energy Efficiency Labels. – The BEE Star Energy […]

Land of the Plenty… beggars that is!

India, no doubt would have the highest number of beggars in the country, no wonder our politicians and bureaucrats are taking a tip from them… or is it the other way round? 🙂 Check out MLA Mukesh Sharma in action… i wonder how much would he have collected for the day 😉

Delhi Electricity Problem

Delhi had a power shortage every year in the summer, this has been a tradition for decades so much so that i could quite easily call it a summer festival 🙂 Hindustan Times came out with a full page information section on electricity situation, what to do, what not to do and how to save […]