Save Electricity by Checking BEE Labels

If rising electricity bills are bothering you, Switch to electrical appliances with BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) label.

You can reduce your electricity bills and help India to increase the availability of electivity for more people, simply by buying Refrigerators, ACs & Tubelights that bear BEE’s Star-Rated Energy Efficiency Labels.

– The BEE Star Energy Efficiency Labels have been created to standardize the energy efficiency ratings of different electrical appliances and indicate energy consumption under standard test conditions.

– These labels indicate the energy efficiency levels through the number of Stars highlighted in colour on the label.

– The BEE Star Labels include a Star Rating System that ranges from One Star (least energy efficient, thus least money saved) to Five Stars (most energy efficient, thus most money saved)

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BEE Label For Rrigerators

BEE Label For Tube Lights

BEE Label For Air Conditioners

38 Responses to “Save Electricity by Checking BEE Labels”

  1. i would like to know the energy saving star list for the following models OF SPLIT AC of godrej
    GSC 18 GI WHZ
    GSC18 FA WHM
    GSC 19 GIC.

  2. Dear sir,

    I wish to buy single door refrigerator which could save me a lot of electricity. since i have seen lots of brands with have 4 star ratings, i am confused which refrigerator to buy.i need at least 230 lit capacity and durable

  3. siddharth senapati on April 13th, 2009 at 12:12 am

    thanks a lot for the information about BEE rating. it has helped me a family was planning to buy a AC. at first we were confused but now i know which one to buy. thanks a lot.

  4. “You can reduce your electricity bills and help India to increase the availability of electicity for more people”

    I’ll be glad if it’ll happen, bcoz i hav finalised and m goin to buy
    a Samsung AS18EXA with a 5-star BEE rating and 3.11 EER . you can google it for more info.

  5. i forgot to mention……..

    SAMSUNG AS18EXA is a split AC.

  6. Hi
    We at UTVi, aleading business channel in the country are doing a special show on saving electricity using star ratings this Thursday 14th May. Please call us at 7pm or leave your phone number on the email id given here or call at 022 40987300 at 7 pm on Thursday

  7. Thanks a lot for the information i am working on a project that required this detailing

  8. Prabhakar Patel on May 28th, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Dear Informer,

    very muc thankful to your information BEE rating,

    i have buy electrolux refrigrator they have mention the 4 star rating,

    i have also informed my freinds & near circles to buy star rating electrical appliances.

    Thanks a lot,

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  10. MUSTAQ AHMED on July 4th, 2009 at 4:23 pm

    Pls let me know about ratings
    what is meaning of *
    what is the mening of**
    what is the mening of** likewise

  11. @ Mustaq: more the number of * (stars) the more power saying the equipment is.

  12. Im astudent and doing a project on energy conservation.BEE star rating
    labels are very useful for our project.

  13. Is BEE rated meant for the light fittings (or) lamps ?

  14. @ S Palaniappan: BEE lable is meant for Lamps, Tubelights, Fans, AC’s, Fridges etc.

  15. want to know the bee rating for 25lts water geyser


  17. Can you please tell me which company washing machines have got the BEE star label?

  18. Can I please know the BEE star ratings for the following refrigerator OF “WHITE WESTING HOUSE”

    WTNF53982GPR (398 L) (220-240 VOLTAGE)

  19. i’m planning to buy a 1 ton split a/c of 5 star rating
    how much units electricy it consumes per day?

  20. kashyap vavadiya on February 4th, 2010 at 12:55 am

    i want to buy 3 star rated air conditionar and 4* rated double door refridgerator please tell me about daily consumption of thos

  21. i’m planning to buy electrolux 1 ton split a/c of 5 star rating
    how much units electricy it consumes per day? & what would be my approximate bill if it is used 4 hours a day at a temprature being set around 20 degrees?

  22. Please let me know the most energy efficient window AC with maximum cooling capacity.

  23. Pankaj Khandelwal on March 8th, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    I want to buy a refijrator. please you confirmed me, which company product are five star rating.

  24. I am planning to buy a split ac for the living room in my house.
    I would like to know the diffirence between a 2-star and 4-star rated ac.
    please reply at the earliest.

  25. @ R Vaikunth –
    read the blog properly….

    and in simple words the more the star, the less Electricity bill you’ll hav to pay

  26. i am planing to buy a split ac which companys ac is good for me
    now a days there are so many optinn’s so we’v got confused
    please advice

  27. @ Tejas Shah – I’m using Samsung 5-Star rated split A/C.

    I dint hav any problem so far (since 1 and a half year)….
    Customer service is great. they come instantly on call.

    It cools in minuts. Samsung has the widest range of features on remote, compared to other companies (which is not at all complicated).

    And yeah, it has beter look.

    Rest is ur choice. All the best.

  28. to know the bee rating of water heater logon to it has all information on water heaters and the bee rating of the water heaters.

  29. It seems there is enough confusion in customer’s mind while purchasing electrical goods,specially AC,Refrigerator etc. I think The BEE need to explain clearly,the implication of using higher star rating. The school level knowledge of science makes clear sense that output energy can not be more than input energy in any form. The quotient(Output/Input) is known as efficiency. The world class manufacturers must ensure,in the first place, quality of the products to be of high efficiency to reduce unnecessary loss of energy and thus environ friendly.

    It is not fair to burden consumer with additional cost of product of higher star rating, in the hope of so called saving of electricity bill in the long run.

  30. sreekumaran nair,tvm on April 18th, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    the information given by this site is very much useful and give a clear understanding of star rating

  31. That’s a great information about bee rating
    thanks a lot.

  32. BEE label is an eye wash as manufacturer submits a bogus test report in its lab and had its product certified. A product which ISO certification agency refuses to talk about is also 5 star. What is the value of lab report when product is not certified by ISO alongwith counterfeit components. This is not based on assumption but based on records seen.

  33. There is no BEE star rating for Whirlpool 240L DLX model 3 door refrigerators but the Company has affixed a sticker showing 5 stars in green colour. They have not responded to emails when asked about the star rating and power consumption. Can the BEE let me know what is the annual power consumption of such a frig.

  34. Do not fall in trap by seeing BEE star rated labels. Since these labels are based on self certification, what one actually gets is cheap counterfeits “Made in China”. The test pattern used by BEE is outdated BIS standards with lots of errors which defines characteristics and not efficiency. In fact BEE star label is formality in view of self certification. For a particular product I could not find a single genuine product with BEE 5 star label.

  35. Please inform me the comparative study of AC having different Star ratings. How much energy is saved by using 5 star rating as compared to one star rating. Thanks

  36. PARAMES KUMAR on May 21st, 2012 at 2:35 pm

    May i know whats the 5star air conditioner consumes electricity per day and 3star air conditioner per day and 2 star per day

  37. BEE with star rating is simply as other cheat.
    It not confirming any thing

  38. our company is manufacturing emergency light.we need to apply for the BEE certification and to get the star rating.It will be very useful for us when you provide with the suitable information to help with.

    thanks & regards,