Fight Corruption with TataTea

No wonder India was ranked one of the worst bureaucracy in the world.

Job Interview The Pepsi Max Style

I would not recommend you do this to secure a job… just search for all India Jobs. 😉

Online Shaadi Getting TRP

It maybe borderline mind numbing stupidity or could be called “marketing genius” by a few but this trend of online matrimonies is on the rise. Every serial on TV these days wants to cash on the Shaadi episode… why? I have a few ideas of my own. Feel free to add yours in the comment […]

The New Pulsar 220 Bike Advertisement

Good advertisement… i am confused about one thing only. The video was probably shot somewhere in South America with all Spanish titles through-out the advertisement and even the star of the ad. is a Spanish guy then why at the end does it say “The Fastest Indian” ?

This is What I call a Classic Case of Irony

“Proof! Good Things Don’t Last Long” – So true when it comes to a company like Unitech. Share prices fell from Rs.546 to Just Rs.20 in less than a year.