Will do anything for Money

Seems like people these days will do anything for money, take for example Hrithik Roshan in this Reliance Ad. Why is he even required there? As if peanuts have been thrown at a monkey and he knows now that he has to perform some tricks. If the product itself is good then why do you need actors to publicize it… and do they really add any value to the product?

Advertising is needed for products like Coke and Pepsi which in itself are bad products and therefore need tons of money and high profile actors to promote it. Aamir Khan in the Coke ad is ridiculous, he seems to have developed a knack for doing stupid ads on the other hand there is Dhoni and his team doing a Pepsi My Can ad in the backwaters of Kerala where the temperature is hot and humid but Dhoni and his team look like they have come for a Fashion show, especially the lanky guy Ishant Sharma, who has been accessorized to the core. Besides why on earth do sports men promote an aerated drink which is harmful for children? Don’t they have any moral responsibility or have they sold their souls for a few bucks?

Reliance introduces 50 paisa call

5 Responses to “Will do anything for Money”

  1. I find this cribb totally meaningless. Hrithik Roshan is used in that ad (for that matter, any ‘star’ is used in an ad) to get people’s mind share – to attract attention.

    Products – good or bad – need to be promoted. If i make a great product and don’t talk about it, noone would know about it.

  2. A good product does not need a ‘star’ to promot it.. look at MDH Masala. In my opinion ‘Stars’ are used more for the recall value of the ad. but in the above case ‘Reliance’ who will even remember Hrithik playing a flute and holding up his finger… pointing to God and probably saying to himself “what am i doing in this ad.” 😉

  3. According to my opinion, every product need an adv. so it is just a senseless topic to discuss, also people are now good enough to understand, also stars are only promoting the product not forcing to buy, so for that we cant blame any body. after all before being a star they also are as common as we, but then their will & hard work make them a star i now i m saying totally different than what was asked, but its true that people have all sense about product.

  4. Does this justify half of the India cricket team promoting Pepsi… knowing very well that they themselves would not be drinking it?

  5. clients and agencies use stars when they donthave a better idea. fevicol never needed a star, neither did Vodafone, nor did Maggi. its just our feudal nature of ceayive gods and worshipping them. a star, as the one featured in this ad, would have taken typically some 10 crores or so for a year. imagine if you spent that kind of money for a consumer promo? imahgine buywers into the brand get a lucky chance to win upto 10 crores of Gold? can you imagine the mad rush to get it? i think THAT would create a bigger rush around the brand.

    collectively hundreds of crores are spent on celeb endorsements every year. imahine if that kind of money was routed to better and more meaningful promos? buy a reliance connection, get free insurance cover/win a licky apartment/etc OR more media visitbility with that money with a better idea. the fact is the agency or the client are unable to come up with better ideas, so they lean on teh shoulders of celebs.