Government is Playing Games

You must be wondering why i keep quoting from Hindustan Times, well that the only newspaper i get at home 😉 Anyways… read the excerpt below from HT. All this makes me wonder, if the Common Wealth Games were not happening in 2010 would Delhi ever get such a big face lift? And all this is specially being done for the tourists who will be visiting Delhi and it turns out to be a big bonus for Delhiites as well because it has not been done for us.

10,000 new buses coming ahead of C’wealth Games

THE DELHI government would deploy around 10,000 new buses in the next two years in the run up to the Commonwealth Games. Speaking at a function in the city, Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit said there would be a sea change in the way people commute in the city.

The new buses, some of which are already plying in the city, would be a combination of modern low floor buses and airconditioned buses. Dikshit said the transition would be complete before the Games.

“Around 20 percent of these buses would be air-conditioned and marked with red colour which would provide comfortable intra-city journey and would also discourage the commuters to bring their cars on road,” Dikshit said at the foundation laying function of the Asiad Village community centre.

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