Aaj Khush to Bahut Hoge Tum!

We are seeing the feel good factor of Indian Economy in the Railway Budget, Lalu Ji brought down the price of Rail travel giving some more competition to the low cost airlines. Lets See if the Civil Aviation Minister Shri. Praful Patel will do the same.

New Delhi: Railway Minister Lalu Prasad had promised that he would present a Budget that would help the common man and he has done just that.

Second class ticket fares for travel beyond 50 km have been cut by 5 per cent, Lalu announced in his fifth Railways Budget on Tuesday.

Ticket fares for Third AC have been cut by three per cent, fares for Second AC have been cut by 4 per cent and fares for First AC have been cut by seven per cent. A one rupee discount will be given per passenger for fares up to Rs 50 in non-suburban second class fares.

Ticket concession for senior women citizens has been extended from 30 to 50 per cent in all classes. The scheme of providing free season tickets in Second class to students has been extended. Girls up to graduation and boys up to Class XII will now get free season tickets in Second class.

News taken from IBN Live

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